• number 30 balloon

    30 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me When I Was Younger

    In time for my nearing 30th birthday, let me share with you the 30 things I wish somebody told me about when I was younger.

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  • persons hand while taking selfie

    Felt Pretty (Won’t Delete Later)

    Gandang-ganda ako sa sarili ko ngayong araw. Nakakailang selfie na nga ako ngayon kaya heto, punong-puno na ng mukha ko ang camera roll ng cellphone ko.

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  • number 29

    Almost 30

    Being a woman is hard, regardless of age. However, I know I’ll have bigger battles to face when I turn 30. I’m excited.

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  • menstrual cup

    Sandwich, Stick, Cup

    I was able to transform from that little girl at the sari-sari store, who was so naïve that she believed what her aunt had handed the customer was a sandwich, into the woman that I was right at that moment.

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