Our cats are better than yours

I don’t know about you, but where I am from, people take bragging about their children very seriously. No wonder, when I was young, I sometimes thought that if I would ever become a parent someday, I’d definitely be the most annoying one who simply wouldn’t shut up about her amazing kids.

But since I don’t have human babies and don’t plan on having any, I’ll brag about our cats instead. They are so cute and adorable, after all. I mean, have you seen them?

The first one’s Dubu, who got her name from Dahyun of Twice. If you are not familiar with the singer, her skin is so fair that other Twice members and fans sometimes call her Dubu, which means “tofu” in Korean.

Dubu arrived in March 2022, about a month before our wedding. She was barely 3 months old then. And while I grew up with lots of cats, I was still very nervous about her arrival. I knew taking in a pet meant making a lifetime commitment, plus having one in a condo would be a challenge. For one, I had to submit certain requirements and pay a non-refundable fee just so our building admin would allow me to bring an animal in. I also had to take note of a lot of rules.

I was also a bit concerned about finances. Although I was confident Tim and I could always provide for a pet, I was also aware that we may still have to make certain sacrifices to be able to give them the best care possible—especially in this economy.

Despite all my worries, however, things went smoothly. It was also a huge plus that Dubu was so kind and easy to deal with even as a kitten. She was already litter-trained when we got her, and she didn’t have any poop accidents. It was so easy to feed her, too, so there was no drama in that department at all. And she was a healthy kitty, something Tim and I were really thankful for.

We were also very lucky that we found a good vet to help us take care of her. They told us about all the tests that had to be done as well as the vaccinations our baby had to get as soon as possible.

More than a month after Dubu arrived, we realized we were actually doing great as fur parents. And so we asked ourselves: Why don’t we get another cat?

We did, and this time, we chose a 4-month-old male kitty. We named him Kimchi because he’s orange. It also made a lot of sense since, his and Dubu’s name, when combined, would be Dubu Kimchi, a Korean dish.

We were already more confident fur parents at this point that we knew what to do as soon as we got him, from having him screened by the vet to setting up his nook at home and preparing everything he would ever need.

However, we were still worried that the two cats may not get along at all. Cats have always been known for being territorial creatures, so we knew there was this possibility that they would hate each other forever.

Thankfully, they got so close after just about a week. I honestly don’t know how it happened, but they just became besties. But I think their ages helped a lot. They were born less than two weeks apart, so they were pretty much the same age when we introduced them to one another. The same level of energy and playfulness, I guess. And maybe we just got so lucky.

I also liked the fact that they complemented one another in terms of their personalities. I noticed right away that Dubu was curious and clever and would always take the lead, while Kimchi was more passive and sometimes even dumb (one orange brain cell, yes). He also liked to follow Dubu, the leader of the duo, so maybe they really made a perfect pair from the very beginning.

Now, they are inseparable, and we cannot ask for more.

Dubu and Kimchi both turned 1 last month, which means they are adult cats now. And while I sometimes get emotional upon realizing how fast these two babies grow, I also feel so happy that I get to witness them transform into even more amazing cats each day.

In fact, I think they are the best. And given how cuter they become as days go by, I know no other cats in the world would ever rival them. No one would ever come close.

So don’t even try. Your cats are a no-match.

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