• radio

    These songs make me feel like it’s Sunday

    In an attempt to capture the feel of the wonderful Sundays of my childhood, I’ve come up with a playlist that features some songs I remember hearing on those days.

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  • workstation

    Traces of life

    I never had the luxury of seeing things as such after my father died almost 15 years ago. We didn’t live under the same roof and we were basically strangers to each other, despite our numerous attempts at being close as father and daughter.

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  • home

    Thinking of ‘home’

    When I think of home, I don’t just see a single image in my head. Instead, I think of three different places: the condo unit my partner and I share in Mandaluyong, my mother and sisters’ place in Antipolo, and my grandparents’ property that’s also located in Antipolo.

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