• woman eating burger

    Newsletter alert: Watch me eat my feelings

    Food is so close to my heart that almost every memory tucked away inside my head is anchored to a particular dish or food item. When I look back to a memorable meal, what I mostly recall is the way it made me feel as I was devouring it. I also remember people by the…

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  • fries

    Prito mania

    Mahilig ako sa piniritong pagkain. Kahit noong maliit pa ako’t nakatira sa bahay ng lolo at lola ko kung saan laging masarap ang ulam, baliw na baliw na talaga ako sa kahit anong pinirito.

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  • broken paper heart

    Our hero is dead, and so is our love

    I will remember our love in the same way that I will remember Bourdain’s life, or what I know of it: It was good while it lasted.

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