• fountain pens in leather case

    My Type Of Clutter

    The things I’m currently fond of — or obsessed with — may be considered clutter, but they are my type of clutter. And they continue to spark joy in me amid these trying times.

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  • fridge

    Our Fridge Obsession Reveals A Lot About Our Relationship With Hunger

    Since we grew up in a household where food was scarce most of the time and where our fridge’s contents could only last a couple of days after payday, we’ve unconsciously developed some kind of fondness for fridges filled with food.

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  • fries

    Prito Mania

    Mahilig ako sa piniritong pagkain. Kahit noong maliit pa ako’t nakatira sa bahay ng lolo at lola ko kung saan laging masarap ang ulam, baliw na baliw na talaga ako sa kahit anong pinirito.

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  • fountain pens

    Pen Frenzy

    When I was a child, my mother gave me many pens from her office. Along with sheets of copy paper joined by metallic fasteners, she’d hand me several pieces of Pilot BP-S ballpoint pen in black or blue.

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  • nintendo switch showing animal crossing game

    On Finding Joy In ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

    Now I understand why some would get so invested in a game, as though their happiness depended on it.

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