• record player

    These Songs Are Meant To Stay

    Not everyone we encounter in life is meant to stay, but at least they leave us with memories and other things — likes songs.

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  • fridge

    Our Fridge Obsession Reveals A Lot About Our Relationship With Hunger

    Since we grew up in a household where food was scarce most of the time and where our fridge’s contents could only last a couple of days after payday, we’ve unconsciously developed some kind of fondness for fridges filled with food.

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  • home

    Thinking Of ‘Home’

    When I think of home, I don’t just see a single image in my head. Instead, I think of three different places: the condo unit my partner and I share in Mandaluyong, my mother and sisters’ place in Antipolo, and my grandparents’ property that’s also located in Antipolo.

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