Why Bailey Sarian Is The Amiga We All Need In Life

Are you into true crime and makeup but haven’t heard of Bailey Sarian yet? Uhm, what are you even doing with your life? Just kidding.

Actually, I just discovered her recently. I hadn’t known anything about her until a few weeks ago when I came across a Facebook post comparing how thorough her Chris Watts video was in comparison to Netflix’s “American Murder: The Family Next Door.” I had just finished watching the said film so naturally, the said post intrigued me. I read it and was impressed. Before I knew it, I was already on YouTube, watching Bailey discuss the case in detail. And now I can’t stop watching her videos.

Well, if you haven’t watched any of her YouTube videos yet, then this is the perfect time to start. And I am telling you, she’s amazing. Apart from her content, I also like her personality. In fact, I believe that we all need to have an amiga like her in life.

She is not afraid to spill the tea

To me, Bailey sounds like a friend who never runs out of chismis and is always ready to spill the tea as you both get ready for a night out. And she’s probably the reason why you are always going out late. Not a big deal, of course. Her stories are so engaging that sometimes you wonder why you’re even going out when you can simply stay with her at home and listen to her talk and talk as you both drink wine or tea.

She always does research

Don’t believe your mahaderang Tita Cynthia when she tells you research is not important. It is! Truth is, apart from improving our lives and saving us from eventual doom by paving the way for groundbreaking studies and innovations, research can help shed light on some of the biggest mysteries around us. It also allows us to get to know facts. And yes, it’s something Bailey is so good at. Imagine, she can talk about cases from many years ago because she’s more than willing to do dig deeper. What’s even better is the fact that she includes the receipts she finds in her videos.

Now imagine having an amiga like her—someone who’s so good at getting all the necessary receipts to back her claims. With her around you, I bet your boylet wouldn’t even bother sliding into other women’s DMs because, ehem, he’s sure Bailey would eventually know about it. And hell yeah, she’d surely get screenshots, too!

She doesn’t see things in black and white

In many of her videos, Bailey clarifies that just because she is sharing information about the killers and their upbringing does not mean she is siding with them. She’s simply curious about how one’s childhood could be related to their tendency to commit crimes. She also cites that in many cases, the perpetrators themselves have also been victims of abuse at some point in their lives. I honestly think it is interesting to explore such connections. Human behavior is so complex, after all.

Sure, this also proves that Bailey doesn’t see things in black and white. And that’s why we need someone like her in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend like her? I mean, someone who can help you see things from a different perspective?

She never gets tired of reminding us to make better choices and get better idols

I’m sure you, too, have enabler friends. They are great enablers, so they support you even as you make stupid decisions in life. Bailey is not like that, however. And that is why we need her more! In each video, Bailey tells her viewers to make better choices and get better idols. Each time she does it, I take her seriously, of course. That’s because she’s not afraid to remind herself of the same things, too.

In fact, in her video about Bettie Page, she admits that she actually has a tattoo of the celebrity on her arm. And then she goes on to say, “She’s on my arm. Look! So this is a zombie, but it’s technically Bettie Page. I’m a fucking hypocrite! You know when I’m yelling, ‘Get better Idols’? Bailey. Bailey. I’m talking to you, you shithead!”

She genuinely cares

I really appreciate it when Bailey tells her viewers to take care. To me, she seems like a friend who genuinely cares. It’s probably because I know she is not only being nice for the views. And I think this becomes more obvious whenever she tackles abusive relationships in her videos.

Instead of simply preaching how quickly people in abusive relationships should pack their bags and leave, she tries her best to address them thoughtfully and without being insensitive. She assures them that there’s something they can do about the situation and even provides contact details of offices and programs they can get in touch with for help. She also keeps reminding viewers not to judge people who stay in abusive relationships and tells them that unless they’ve been there, they won’t truly know how difficult it is and how tricky the situation can be.

She knows how to establish boundaries

Healthy friendships consist of setting boundaries. Sadly, though, this concept still seems too foreign for some of us. So, we usually end up overwhelming our friends with our heavy stuff, expecting them to be always okay with it any time of the day. But hey, even our bubbliest and most talkative friends need a break.

Good thing, Bailey knows how to establish boundaries. In one of her videos, she asked her viewers to stop sending her photos of dead bodies and other gruesome stuff, because she has a life to live as well. She also shares that although she tries her best to upload a new video every Monday and Saturday, sometimes she just can’t, especially if she’s not feeling well or if she’s busy with something else. She even tells herself that she should stop feeling guilty on those days. I agree!

As Bailey herself raised many times in her videos, many people find the combination of true crime stories and makeup a bit odd. Some even find it insensitive. I beg to differ, of course.

I believe that Bailey tackles each case carefully. She treats victims with respect, too. She does not give out names of people who don’t want to be associated with the cases or whose family members have sought privacy. Whenever possible, she talks about the lives of victims as well. For her, they are not just numbers.

In a world that’s full of problematic internet stars, I am really grateful that we have a Bailey Sarian.

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